The Makaton Charity
Sheila Inwards

Sponsored walk up Snowdonia to raise money for Makaton



  • £500 Target
  • £50 Raised
  • 4 Donors
  • My Story

Please help me to raise money or the Makaton Charity. This charity has played a big part in my life for nearly 30 years. My son was born with Prader Willi Syndrome which meant he didn't have the muscles needed to speak. We spent many frustrating years trying to communicate and failing miserably. Then he went to a wonderful school that introduced me to Makaton and our lives changed. I could finally understand what my son needed and wanted. From that day on I have always supported and promoted the use of Makaton within the early years work I did. Two years ago after a horrendous few years I had the opportunity to start my own company teaching Makaton and this has given me another new lease of life. While helping others I am helping to rebuild parts of my life that had taken a nose dive. This Charity does amazing work supporting those that need support, guidance and training to be able to communicate, which is everyone's right to be able to do. 

Those of you that know me know how out of condition i have been and how i have started to turn this around over the last 6 months. This challenge to walk Snowdonia is the next step in my new lease of life and I would greatly appreciate any support you can offer to help me achieve it. I do understand there is constantly sponsor posts on Facebook and there is a limit to what and who you can support I am just hoping those few pennies floating around under the sofa or bottom of handbags can make their way into my fundraiser..If you can't I truly do understand ... honestly I wont hold it against you ..... :) 

for those of you who want to find out more about Makaton please visit their web site at