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I’m Carly, I’m a stay at home mum with two little boys. Ollie 4 and Tommy 2. My partner Mark (daddy) works hard for us all. He’s an amazing father and partner. 

Easter 2018 we got told that Ollie ( 2 years ) was somewhat on the spectrum, it was very hard to hear this (although we knew) I think actually hearing it hits you. 

so our autistic journey began... 

Tommy was only about 5/6 months old at this point and it was so hard to balance the boys with my time. 


So then on 25th October 2018 Ollie was diagnosed a three 3 years old. Autism spectrum disorder. 

Was  an emotional day for all of us. 

So I looked into autism and got things to help him. 

Read read and read. 

Done an autism awareness course 

September 2018 Ollie was accepted into a special nursery, he also attended another nursery at YMCAs'. 


He's come in so much since hes been into nursery. 

At this point he’s learning makaton at both, coming home and using it. I had idea what it all meant and what he was trying to say. 

So I found a makaton course!! Jumped right into it and completed stages 1-4. Absolutely enjoyed learning. 

Its amazing how we can now understand one another and have a great little conversation using our makaton. 

So I wanna do this mountain ⛰ climb for Makaton Charity, to raise money and support the charity. 

The more we can help others to also learn and to use with additional needs for children and adults will be truly amazing. 

I wanna do this also for my personal needs.

Also for my amazing little boys. 

Wanna make myself proud! 

So if you could please donate to this amazing charity, and sponsor my walk. Hike to the top of the highest mountain ⛰ in Wales. I would be absolutely grateful for the support. The hike will be on 9th May 2020 

Thank you so much for reading. 


Carly, 😊 xx